About me

Where civilization ends, real life begins...

photo by Dmitry Razdobarin
My name is Alexey Trofimov. I am a landscape photographer, traveler, guide.
Member of creative unions:
The Russian Union of Art Photographers, Creative Union "Photoart" (Artist Photoart), Photographic Society of America, Irkutsk Photographic Society, Society of Photographers Singapore.

Member of Russian Geographical Society, Royal Meteorological Society

Photographer of  "Lake Baikal Foundation"

My photos and articles published in various editions: Daily Mail, National Geographic, Caffeinated Photographers Magazine, Natur, Weather Channel, Continent&Expedition, Photoimage, The One, Irkutsk couloirs, Around the World, RosPhoto, Esquire, ProPhotos.ru, The Telegraph, Days Japan, Mirror, GlobeRovers and others.

From childhood I have interested in travel. Later my interest was added to the photograph.

Landscape photography - my main creative interest. Main  project is shooting landscapes remote and difficult places on the lake Baikal. Besides I spend shooting in Mongolia, in the Altai Mountains, Khakassia and China.

My main task as a photographer - to show not only the beauty, but also the fragility of the world around us, which is very easy to destroy.

On my site you can see and buy my pictures, read my notes travel blog, to get acquainted with my projects and plans, photoexpedition, order individual photo tour to Lake Baikal.

My achievements:
Finalists of competition "National Geographic. Wild Russia 2013", "National Geographic. Wild Russia 2014 "," Global Arctic Awards 2013 "," The Best of Russia 2013 "," The Polar Perspective 2013 and 2014 "and more than 20 international competitions and photo salons.

The prize-winner and medalist "Weahter photographer of the year 2020", "National Geographic. Wild Russia 2019", "International Day of Light Photo Contest 2019", "Competition of the Russian Photographic Society 2018 and 2019" "The Best of Russia 2016" "The Best of Russia 2015", “Life Around Us 2015”, "Photo Travel Avard 2015", "Global Arctic Awards 2016", "Global Arctic Awards 2015", "Global Arctic Awards 2014", "1st Shenzhen China International Exhibition of Photography", "1st Three country Grand Circuit Ireland - Montenegro - Serbia 2014", "1st DPW Grand Exhibition 2014", "5th International Capadoccia Photography Contest","The 1st PhotoVivo Singapore International Photography Award" and others.

Member of international photo exhibitions:
"2018 Huangbai Mountain International Photography Exhibition", "China 15th International Photographic Art Exhibition", "China 16th International Photographic Art Exhibition", "International Photographic Art Exhibition - Lines" and others.

Many works are in the permanent exhibitions and private collections in many countries.
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