Photo Tours #PlanetBaikal

#PlanetaBaikal - a vivid and unforgettable photo adventure. Interesting routes, excellent location.

It is not true that all the discoveries on this planet have already been made. We help open Baikal planet, the mysterious and the unknown.

And yet we know that the photos you want to bring back from a trip interesting and unique pictures.


#PlanetaBaikal - an individual approach to each round. It does not matter, it is an experienced photographer or a beginner. We have limited the group and will create a favorable and comfortable atmosphere in travel and in preparing them. Without cool shots will not leave one!


Individual photo tours on Baikal:

  • a group of not more than three photographers.
  • experienced guide, photographer and conductors.
  • interesting locations and events on tour.
  • consultations and workshops for beginners.

You just do the shooting. We provide them!


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Photo Tours & Expedition

May 26 – June 2, 2017 “Baikal spring. Following the ice of May”