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Traveling past 9 years all over the world. I was in the most remote places of our planet. Unfortunately, very little I traveled to Russia. I am very pleased that took the opportunity to go to Lake Baikal in winter with Alexey Trofimov.

Long thought to go with someone of the guides to go to Lake Baikal. There were a lot of proposals. Alex is the only photographer-guide who organizes and carries out real authentic tours. In his tours unforgettable impressions.

Baikal is just beautiful, especially when next to you do not have hundreds of tourists. Alexey and his team know how to choose the most interesting routes.

I was in his photo expedition in March 2016. Once again, I will go with him in March 2017!

If you want to experience the real life of the Baikal winter, the choice is only one, Alexey Trofimov.

The expedition I took a photo, which won the photo contest "The Best of Russia 2016"!


Maxim Russkikh

photographer, traveller

Moscow, Russia

I was with Alexey Trofimov in the photo on the ice of Lake Baikal expedition in March 2016. Alexey excellent organizer, sincere person with a great sense of humor. Again going to go with him in 2017. Lake Baikal is beautiful! Alexey knows Baikal and is able to show it. Share what's going on where and how best to photograph. He arranged safe passage. I like tasty food Baikal, which is nowhere else to try.

It is possible to catch grayling. And in the evening he will be prepared delicious! Tours routes by Alexey unusual. Baikal tours and many routes, but I chose this this!


Maria Kolosova

photographer, traveler, guide

Moscow, Russia

Ride with Alexey Trofimov Baikal has become a wonderful adventure. It was very sated and successful. Alexey knows the perfect place, possible point shooting, the best time. Alexey a great organizer, to logistics have no complaints. He knows the local people, historyand legends associated with Baikal.

Alexey - a great companion. Communicate with him is a pleasure. I had brought from a trip excellent photos. It is, of course, lucky that we were still on "Ёrdynskie Games" - bright, original and colorful holiday.

A wonderful trip!


Anton Seleznev 

scientist, traveler, photographer

Ekaterinburg, Russia

A few hours into the flight from Kiev via Moscow and I'm at the airport of Irkutsk. Alexey met me, took the luggage and we hit the road to Lake Baikal! In some places it was very cold (-34 Celsius), so dress warmly!

When I first saw Lake Baikal, I had a feeling of delight from the seen beauty. All I was unusual! Mountains and lenticular cloud over them. Floating on the water freezing in the lake. It came the idea that the year is in place so harsh and wild, very distant becomes world cities. Was there a world at all? Seen staggering! Complete dissolution in nature and freedom from worries.

I want to thank Alexei for organizing the photo tour, which was at the height. Everything has been thought out to the smallest detail. From the reception at the airport and ending with the final day. Excellent knowledge of the route, ensuring the comfort and safety of travel. We lived in the estates, where it was very warm and deliciously prepared. I did not think about anything except about my photography. And it costs a lot.

And for creativity on Baikal - expanse! Such multifaceted Baikal, that words are not enough to express emotions. It is a paradise for the landscape photographer Changing landscapes, weather, clouds, light, causes delight !!! In these harsh and majestic lands, I left a piece of my heart and am confident that in the soul of every human being there is a response. Come to Lake Baikal for beautiful photographs and a dizzying emotions!


Svetlana Novikova

student, traveler, photographer

Odessa, Ukraine

Since reading about the mysterious Lake Baikal when I was a child it has always held some sort of spell over me and it has been a dream of mine to visit and photograph this ancient land. Back in those days it was part of a Soviet Union that was not an easy country to visit and it was always a very distant dream.

Having worked for the past 6 years in the Middle East I ended up moving to a project in Kazakhstan – at this point I realised my old dream could in fact become reality.

I googled Lake Baikal and saw many beautiful winter images but there was one photographer that stood out – Alexey Trofimov. His work has been published in many countries and his name is on just about every iconic image of Baikal.

I decided to email Alexey and ask if he would be prepared to be a guide for me in the winter months of early 2016 – I was thrilled to get a positive response back although we had to leave the dates very flexible to ensure that the ice conditions were good enough. At the end of 2015 the dates were finalised and I worked out my travel plans in order to meet Alexey in Irkutsk. Accompanying myself and Alexey on this trip were Sergey Anisimov (a multi award winning and exceptionally talented photographer based near the Russian arctic circle), his wife Nina and Alexey’s daughter Julia who was to act as our translator (my Russian does not extend much past body parts and alcohol drinks).

Alexey and Julia met me from my flight at Irkutsk airport and we drove the short drive into town to my hotel. 

After a quick check-in (it would have been quicker if I had gone straight to my room rather than trying to get into someone else’s room) we met downstairs and went next doors for an introductory drink and a light meal.

The next day Alexey and Julia took me on a city tour of Irkutsk which included the museum and art gallery and we were treated like VIPs with photographers following us around. After a hearty Mongolian lunch with a personal carafe of vodka we went to visit the couple that run a Russian photography magazine called ИФО—ФОТО – we had a great chat about many things and what I really enjoyed was their passion and enthusiasm for the art and their focus more on why than how and their interest in the mindset behind taking a photograph. They asked some very searching questions that made me really think about my vision.

We planned to meet Sergey and Nina very early the next morning so it was a relatively early night. They arrived on time and after a quick bite in the airport we packed up the vehicle and headed off to Baikhal.

The drive was through beautiful rolling Siberian steppes and then through the mountains before we got our first visit of the Lake – for me that was a very moving moment and something I will always remember. We drove down to the lake and walked onto the frozen surface for the first time. The ice was beautiful and clear with bubbles and cracks and chunks of ice that resembled diamonds. It really was a magical place.

The next 6 days or so were spent travelling around the southern parts of the Lake focussing on Olkhon Island. On the island itself we stayed at Nikita’s Homestead which was a very welcoming place and always full (especially around meal times). We stayed in a  very remote cabin at Uzur in the north of the island and this was a real pleasure – life at it’s most basic but at one with the magnificent nature around us.

The photographic opportunities on this trip were endless but for me it was part of an experience that I will treasure forever – sometimes the trip is not about the end product of the images we produce but about the memories and friendships made. 

Vodka was consumed in vast quantities, the food was always good and the craic was mighty. I always felt that I had enough time to do whatever I wanted when I was out and never felt under pressure to be at a certain point by a certain time. A lot of the sunset and sunrise shoots were down to the individuals to decide where to go and what to shoot and that kind of freedom was something I really enjoyed. Sometimes it was a decision to just walk and chat with Alexey, others was to go laden with cameras and tripod. It was a great mix.

I think anyone coming on a trip like this has to accept that the accommodation is not 5 star hotels and the food can be very different to what many people will be used to but if you are someone that wants a true life experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity then I can highly recommend spending some time on Lake Baikal with Alexey.

Here’s to the Baikal 5!!

I cannot thank Alexey and Julia enough for helping me achieve one of my ambitions and not only that making it one of the best travel experiences of my life. I have been on many workshops/tours around the world and this trip stands out for being unique and producing so many memories that will last me a lifetime.

Thanks for everything


Dominic Byrne

engeneer, photographer, traveler


Official partner of the Team #BaikalPlanet